3 Day Aruba Itinerary: The Ultimate Vacation Guide

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3 Day Aruba Itinerary: The Ultimate Vacation Guide

Avid travelers have learned that no matter how long their stay, it’s important to make the most of the days they have — whether it’s a spontaneous day trip, or a month-long journey across several European countries. When planning your trip to this beautiful southern Caribbean island, you won’t want to miss out on what makes Aruba the ultimate vacation destination. 

If you’ve never traveled to Aruba in the past, it should be noted that there is more to this “One Happy Island” than its white sandy beaches and tropical drinks (although those are still a must!) Aruba combines everything you could possibly want in a mini-vacation — adventure, relaxation, and impeccable dining. 

With an abundance of natural wonders to explore, it’s hard to know where to begin. To make your life a bit easier, and your vacation a whole lot better, we’ve created a three-day itinerary to inspire you for your trip to Aruba. Check out the infographic to see why Aruba is the perfect year-round vacation destination, and then continue reading below for ideas to add to your three-day itinerary:

aruba is the perferct vaction destination because of its weather, tourist attractions, excursions, ease of travel, and safety for visitors

Day One


If you want to sit down and enjoy a full breakfast, Aruba has tons of popular breakfast spots to choose from. If you’re looking for something quick and small, start your morning off on a hunt to find the best pastechi on the island. Many shops serve this Aruban street food, and they’re delicious no matter which shop you get it from. Pastechi is a fried Gouda cheese-filled pastry that has earned the love of residents and title of the go-to breakfast treat on the go.

Beach Adventure

Visit the Beach

Spend your first day resting on one of Aruba’s gleaming white sandy beaches. Some popular beaches include Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, Boca Catalina, North Point Beach, Malmok Beach, and Boca Prins. Enjoy the peaceful sounds of bright turquoise waters and lay under the warm Aruban sun.

Seabob Reef Tour 

If you’ve had enough sun-bathing for the day, but wish to continue your beach adventure, book a thrilling excursion that takes you beyond sand. A Seabob reef tour in Aruba lets you dive in and explore all the wonders of the sea. These underwater scooters propel you above and  below the water, so you can explore the sea at your own pace. 

Segway Tour

If you prefer to stay on land, hop on the back of a segway and glide along gorgeous beaches with help from Aruba AdventureTours. Book your Malmok Beach Segway Tour or The California Lighthouse Tour today and incorporate these one-of-a-kind adventures to your itinerary. 

Local Cuisine

After a long and exciting day, it’s time to wind down and grab some dinner. Find a local restaurant and indulge in the savory flavors of Fish Creole, a staple in Aruba. This pan-fried fish fillet sits in a delicious gravy and wouldn’t be complete without a side of pan bati or funchi.

Day Two

Explore the Island


Walk around Oranjestad, the beautiful capital of Aruba. This charming city is designed with Dutch colonial architecture and is filled with plenty of shops, restaurants, museums, and much more. 

Arikok National Park

If you enjoy an outdoor adventure, you will love Arikok National Park. Walk the trails of the park and set your eyes on fascinating rock formations. Some creatures that wander around the park are goats, parakeets, snakes, lizards, and iguanas.

Off-Road Jeep & Hummer Tours

Aruba Adventure Tours offers exciting UTV tours for thrill-seekers visiting the Island. Once you safely settle into your off-road vehicle, our guides will take you on a lovely journey to explore the island. There are plenty of sights to see and options you can request as well! 


End your night by exploring the Caribbean nightlife. Take entertainment to the next level by visiting one of Aruba’s popular dance clubs, lounges, or sports bars. 

Day Three

Morning Cruise

Take a Morning Stroll

Step out of your resort and walk around local shopping areas to get the best deals on clothes, jewelry, and souvenirs! Not only will you be able to visit local shops, but you’ll come across friendly Aruban residents and delicious eateries along the way.

Boat Tour

End your trip on a relaxing note so you can head home feeling better than ever. The best way to relax and still squeeze in a little adventure is to take a boat tour. Cruise the ocean while enjoying the scenic views of Aruba on your last day. Aruba Adventure Tours provides multiple tour options so you can decide which experience is best for you. 

Get Started on Your Itinerary Today

There is so much to do in Aruba that it would be impossible to do everything in just three days. Luckily, three days is still plenty of time to hit some of the best spots this little island has to offer. If you want your vacation to be the best yet, give us a call so we can book your daily excursions!