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Avid travelers have learned that no matter how long their stay, it’s important to make the most of the days they have — whether it’s a spontaneous day trip, or a month-long journey across several European countries. When planning your trip to this beautiful southern Caribbean island, you won’t want

When you plan your next vacation, you might do some research for that perfect “island paradise.” You know, where you’re leaned back on a beach chair, watching the waves, soaking up some sun. But there needs to be more to your getaway than sipping Mai Tais by the water, right?

Escape to warmer weather this holiday season while enjoying all the exciting December festivities. If you were thinking about skipping out on snow, jackets, and scarves this year, pack your suitcase with all of your Caribbean essentials and head to the beautiful island of Aruba. 

After booking your trip to Aruba, the next thing you’ll want to do is book your excursions and tours. Sure, you should set aside time for relaxing, but you should also take advantage of your island getaway by seeking out some thrills. Water adventures can be soothing and induce relaxation,

Prominently known for its white-sandy beaches, warm hospitality, exceptional weather year-round, and much more, Aruba has not only become one of the safest places to travel, but widely favored as well. Among the countless other things that attract foreigners to Aruba each year, tours and excursions are on the list

Welcome to the island! Aruba is a beautiful, happy place to visit. The warm weather, gentle surf, white beaches, and crystal-clear water are enough to make anyone fall in love with the water and the island itself. Of course, that’s not all Aruba has to offer! With many historical sites

At Aruba Adventure Tours we offer a huge selection of fun ways to explore the beautiful island of Aruba. We give you the option to choose from a wide range of activities including our California Lighthouse Tour, a shipwreck tour, a reef tour, Segway rental, Seabob rental, or buggy rental.