5 Things That Make Aruba Unique

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5 Things That Make Aruba Unique

When you plan your next vacation, you might do some research for that perfect “island paradise.” You know, where you’re leaned back on a beach chair, watching the waves, soaking up some sun. But there needs to be more to your getaway than sipping Mai Tais by the water, right? We at Aruba Adventure Tours believe in pushing boundaries, breathtaking excursions, and creating unforgettable experiences. Check out this video on what makes Aruba special, then keep reading for more detail about how this island is distinct among the other warm, sandy retreat options.

Ethnically Diverse

Welcome to Earth’s ultimate melting pot. Lots of immigrants hail from South America, other Caribbean countries like Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Europe, China, and various African nations. Most of the population is fluent in English, Dutch, and Spanish. Despite Aruba having one of the world’s smallest populations, you are bound to find someone you share a background with as well as someone who can teach you something new.

Wrecks and Reefs

Divers from all over the world travel to Aruba for shipwrecks along the coast. The island provides a wide variety of genuine and artificial wrecks that create reefs for both beginner, and advanced divers can explore. Whether you’re traversing a wreck that’s 20 feet or 100, you can expect to see beautiful underwater landscapes of soft corals.

White Sand Beaches

The beaches of Aruba are regarded as the cleanest, most extensive, and most impressive in the Caribbean. Banked up against crystal clear aquamarine water, adorned with palm trees and a steady breeze, these beaches are hard to beat. 

Steady Trade Winds

Trade winds are the prevailing winds that blow east-to-west that flow along Earth’s equatorial region. Aruba receives constant trade winds from the northeast, so most days have the perfect amount of breeze to cool you off, even when you’re out in the sun.

The Most Amount of Sunny Days in the Caribbean

While many islands receive quite a bit of precipitation, it sure is easy to get your daily dose of Vitamin D out in Aruba. It rains, on average, a mere 69 days a year.

Plan Your Trip to Aruba

Are you convinced Aruba is your next travel destination? Great! Let Aruba Adventure Tours be your guide to explore reefs, beaches, and much more. Contact us today for more information about our seabob reef tours in Aruba and our Malmok Beach segway tours.