Why Aruba Should Be Your Holiday Destination

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Why Aruba Should Be Your Holiday Destination

Escape to warmer weather this holiday season while enjoying all the exciting December festivities. If you were thinking about skipping out on snow, jackets, and scarves this year, pack your suitcase with all of your Caribbean essentials and head to the beautiful island of Aruba. 

This popular year-round vacation destination is just north of the coast of Venezuela. While their resorts are known for offering luxurious, top-notch amenities, what draws visitors to this white sandy beach island is the warm and friendly people who reside there. So if you’re thinking about ditching the cold weather and trading in a few days — or weeks — for sunny skies and tranquil blue seas, start planning your trip! 

Celebrate the Holidays in Aruba

Aruba is very culturally diverse, with local residents made up of mixed ancestry. Celebrating Christmas is a huge part of their culture, and is one of the reasons tourists love to spend their holidays here! When you make Aruba your holiday vacation destination, you’ll be able to book exciting Seabob and Segway tour excursions with help from Aruba Adventure Tours while enjoying traditional Christmas festivities — it’s the best of both worlds! Here are some essential things to note about your upcoming trip:

Aruba Weather in December 

In Aruba, December weather brings much-needed warmth and coziness you won’t get in those north-central states back home. You can expect sunny days and high temperatures in the midst of December, with the average daily temperature remaining around 80°F. 

What to Pack

While you may need to stock up on plush blankets and oversized sweaters back home, you can plan on packing light when visiting Aruba. Pack some bathing suits, summer clothes, and of course, sunscreen. While temperatures can range from 77°F to 84°F, you should still wear sunscreen to protect your skin outdoors. Rainy days are possible during this time of year, but they don’t typically last long. 

What to do in Aruba in December

When you make Aruba your vacation destination this December, you’ll be able to enjoy your Christmas, island-style! There’s always places to be and things to do all season long. Check out the infographic below to get some ideas for your itinerary: 

Celebrate the holidays with family and friends under the warm Aruban sun. Christmas in Aruba would not be complete without a visit to local festivals and fairs, and of course, the Christmas lights at Seroe Preto. If you want to include fun and exciting excursions in your itinerary, like boat rides or Segway tours in Aruba, give us a call to book your adventure today!